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Experience the journey of the Finest basmati from fields to your plate

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It all starts with handpicking the finest basmati grains.


Basmati ke har dane ko, bariki se Chunkar laate hain hum, Daawat Basmati banane ki kahani, yahin se shuru karte hain hum.

The Process

That pack of Daawat Rice in your kitchen is the outcome of sheer perseverance, hard work, and dedication. At Daawat, our qualified Agri Extension Team pours their heart and soul into working alongside hard-working farmers. With sustainability in our mind, we encourage farmers to deploy the most advanced production processes to ensure the finest yield. This helps us to select the finest grains for your plates.

Our commitment doesn’t stop there, we stand shoulder to shoulder with farmers and extend our support to them throughout the cultivation process. We offer thorough training, covering all essential aspects, right from irrigation to crop protection and maximizing their yield. This dedication has done more than just increasing the income of farmers; it has transformed lives.

With this approach, we’ve managed to touch the lives of more than 80 thousand farmers across the nation. This has enabled us to bring the best varieties of grains from the best regions.

Now, for us, this complete exercise is more than farming or sourcing grains. Being the best rice brand in India, it’s to us about nurturing dreams and keeping the promise of providing the finest grains to you.

Finest Grain Selection

What it takes to be the best basmati rice brand is the meticulous selection of the finest grains so you get an exceptional culinary experience from our products. With our rigorous quality control measures, we handpick grains with the perfect length, aroma, and texture to make your every meal a feast, Daawat.

On Field Advisory

It is our commitment to quality that has made us one of the best basmati rice brands in India. We care deeply, not just inside the factory but also out in the fields. Farmers who work day and night in the fields have the constant support of our agronomists. These professionals provide on-field advisory to farmers which helps them optimize their yield and produce premium quality rice.

Efficient Production Practices

Daawat Basmati Rice is produced using cutting-edge technology and efficient production practices. Being a responsible rice brand, we value sustainability and the efficient use of resources.

At our highly advanced milling facilities, we have adopted energy-efficient processes at every stage of production. This allows us to manufacture the best quality basmati rice while reducing our carbon footprint.

Highest Quality Produce Selection

As a leading basmati rice manufacturer in India, it gives us immense pleasure when we hear our name when someone asks: Which is the best basmati rice in India? It is the trust and love of our loyal customers that we thrive on word-of-mouth marketing.

The reason behind this unbreakable trust is the quality we offer through our products. Only the premium produce makes it to Daawat Basmati Rice. We team up with select farmers who strictly adhere to high-quality standards so that premium-quality grains are harvested.

With careful checks and testing, we pick out the finest produce, making sure each grain of Daawat Basmati Rice has the best taste, aroma, and texture.

How Our Farmers Cultivate the
Finest Quality Basmati Rice

Daawat ka har ek dana humare 80,000+ farmers bareeki se chunkar banate hai, jisse aapko milta hai sabse behtareen Basmati.


Shipping with great safety and care.




The most critical step of the process is the transportation of the grains from the fields to the factories. As rice has a lot of water in it, more than 16%, transportation is carefully looked after to keep the grains safe from weather and make sure the water content remains intact.

Each grain is carefully held in woven bags and covered with protective tarps during transportation, keeping it safe against any harm along the way.

Careful Handling & Distribution

Transportation post packaging is as crucial as it is during the processing stage. We ensure the rice after it has been packed is carefully transported and distributed so that its integrity is maintained throughout the supply chain and our hard work doesn’t go in vain.

We use efficient logistics solutions and temperature-controlled storage facilities to keep the rice safe and preserve its quality during transit. Our big network makes sure it gets to shops and buyers fast and timely, making sure you can always find our premium rice when you want it, irrespective of whether you want to buy basmati rice online or offline.


Basmati ko Daawat Basmati Banane ke liye, bada Sambhaalkar har ek dane ko 2 saal tak sanwara jata hai


Processing the grains and ageing for up to 2 years.




After harvesting, our rice is further processed at highly advanced and fully automated facilities all over India. We handle each grain with great care, making it with a 'Cleanroom Concept'. We pick and grade it carefully to ensure flawless quality across our product lines. This way, you get perfect rice every time, as if a mom made it with love.

At the heart of our process lies the art of ageing rice to perfection. we house rice in silos with a staggering capacity of 1.5 lakhs, the largest in India, ageing each grain for up to two years. Through our meticulous "Sambhaalkar" technique, we nurture each grain exclusively for you.

Employing cutting-edge technology and top-notch machinery from Japan and Germany, we ensure each grain meets the highest standards, delivering the perfect Basmati experience to your table. It's only after undergoing our rigorous ageing process for up to two years that the grains acquire their lustrous sheen, enticing aroma, and irresistible flavour. We spare no effort in curating only the finest for you.

Every grain at the Daawat factory undergoes several rigorous processes which are:


It is done to remove dirt and unwanted bits. It uses top-notch machines and strict checks to keep the rice clean, keeping its natural taste and good nutrients. Cutting-edge machinery and strict quality control checks are employed to keep the rice clean, keeping its natural taste and nutritional value. This makes sure each grain is perfect and of the highest quality.


In this process, rice is carefully aged to perfection, allowing the grains to grow and develop their signature taste, aroma, flavour, and texture. This process enhances the taste profile of the rice, offering a richer and more satisfying experience. The way each grain is precisely aged and cared for is reflective of our commitment to providing premium rice to our consumers.


Using expert methods, the outer shell of Daawat Basmati Rice is gently removed to preserve the pristine inner grain. This process cleans out impurities but keeps the integrity of the rice kernel, making it ready to cook. This way, each grain stays perfect for the next steps in the kitchen.


Our rice undergoes a stringent grading process wherein each grain is carefully checked and evaluated for its size, shape, colour, and purity. This is done to ensure consistency and quality in every batch. This step-by-step check makes sure each pack is filled with only select rice, ensuring uniformity and consistency. From the field to your plate, we promise quality that you can taste in every bite.


Crafting bags full of freshness, flavour, and love.


In the final step, we carefully pack the best rice grains into different sizes and kinds of bags. Each day, Daawat packages more than 900 to 1000 metric tons of rice. We ensure every batch across different products is crafted with a lot of care, attention to detail, and hard work.

Our rice spans eight brands, from the nourishing Daawat Sehat to the cherished Specialist, Traditional, Rozana, Brown, Select, Dubar, and Tibar, each carrying a legacy of flavour and quality.

We have something for every palette, like if you are on a strict diet and prefer brown rice, then one of the best brown rice brands in India has got you covered.

The Packaging

The material that is used to package rice is chosen carefully to preserve the quality and freshness of rice across different products. The ultimate goal is to ensure the rice remains protected from moisture, sunlight, and external contaminants, keeping its aroma and flavour intact. Each bag is sealed tight to ensure optimal shelf life and customer satisfaction.

The real magic of Daawat happens when the mothers add their love to various rice recipes while serving platefuls of happiness to the entire family.

Tabhi to farq dikhta hai chehron mein, dilon mein aur khushiyon mein


If the journey got you really excited, imagine how exciting the actual visit to the Daawat factory will be.

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