The Pulav Specialist

History relays an interesting origin story of the Yakhni Pulav. The dish is heavenly aromatic as it was only prepared with the finest rice in town! Daawat stays true to this tradition of taste.
With our specially crafted Basmati range- plumped to perfection, each grain is separate and fluffy, made just for your pulav.

  • Elongates
    Upto 18mm
  • Full Grain Basmati
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Authentic Aroma in Your Kitchen

Harvested in the foothills of the Himalayas, Daawat Pulav Basmati carries the fragrant flavors of the region, unmatched in taste and quality. It goes through the natural aging process for two years, making each grain long and slender.

Daawat Pulav Recipes

Explore our scrumptious and indulging Biryani recipes, made with Daawat
The Finest Basmati in the comfort of your house!

Mushroom Pulav

Mushroom Pulav is a quick and simple pulav made with Shiitake and Button mushrooms, fragrant spices, and the finest basmati rice. This is not only a delicious meal, but it also offers several health benefits.

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Vegetable Pulav

A spicy dish prepared with colorful veggies and aromatic spices, Vegetable Pulav, is perfect for your mid-day cravings. Cooked with Daawat Pulav Basmati’s long-grain rice, this dish becomes even more delicious and special!

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Kashmiri Pulav

A delicious variety of rice Pulav, Kashmiri Pulav is a cuisine made from an assortment of dry fruits, fresh fruits, lots of spices, and flavorsome broth. Cook it perfectly with the Daawat Pulav Specialist.

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Serving per package: 22

Serving Size: Approx 45gm

  Quantity Per Serving % Daily intake/Value* Per Serving Quantity Per 100 gm Unit
Energy 161.32   358.48 Kcal
Protein 3.75   8.33 Gm
Carbohydrate 35.39   78.65 Gm
Total Sugar 0 0 0 Gm
Added Sugar 0 0 0 Gm
Dietary Fibre 1.36   3.03 Gm
Total Fat 0.23 0.34 0.5 Gm
Saturated Fat 0 0 0 Gm
Trans Fat 0 0 0 Gm
Cholesterol 0   0 Mg
Sodium 0.77 0.4 1.7 Mg
Calcium 3.42   7.6 Mg
Iron 0.49   1.08 Mg
Note: All values are considered the averages unless otherwise indicated and relate to the uncooked product
*Per serve percentage(%) contribution to Recommended Dietary Allowance calculated on the basis of 200kcal energy for average adult per day